Guardian Food


             Services LLC

Guardian Food Services, LLC provides the ultimate in food safety using a  low energy x-ray process called the X-GuardTM Process to irradiate food and eliminate pathogens in food products and sterilize non-food products.

Thank you for visiting our web site.  Guardian Food Services, LLC provides customized systems for the eradication of pathogens in food to meet the needs of food processing companies.  Our customized approach provides a unique, safe capability that is unavailable to the majority of food processors without the expensive trucking of their product to off-site irradiation facilities that are becoming harder to schedule due to the increase in food borne pathogens causing more illnesses and recalls every year.  You will find several papers associated with the treatment of pathogens using low energy x-rays (X-Guard™ Process) on this site along with FAQ's, approved foods, and purpose of irradiation.  Please visit our guest book and feel free to contact us for further information on our process and services.